Barry Humphries a/k/a the real Dame Edna

I chose her and I thought that she was great!

Holly Murray

Front of House Manager, The Milton Theatre, Delaware

The audience is always delighted and impressed with Scott’s portrayal of the Dame. He is wonderful on and off stage, and we always look forward to his visits to the Milton Theatre.

Fred Munzert

Director, The Milton Theatre, Delaware

As the buyer for the Milton Theatre I have found working with Scott to be a smooth and professional process.
Booking is easy and marketing always looks great due to the top quality assets provided. 

Rebecca R. Jessop,

Executive Director, Havre de Grace Arts Collective, 2019

“Scott Mason’s hilarious portrayal of Dame Edna keeps the audience laughing from start to finish. Mason’s a true professional having finely honed the Dame’s personality for an evening of unforgettable entertainment.”

Sherrie Moody, Executive Director- Charlotte Players, Inc.

We certainly enjoyed your show and the special effort you made to customize it to our area.- (after show in Port Charlotte, FL for Charlotte Players, 3/16/15)

Greg Thompson, Producer- Sunburst Conference of Celebrity Impersonators

I first saw him in Las Vegas and was really impressed. After meeting with him and working with him on our annual event, I can honestly say, not only is he extremely clever and funny, but he’s a a true professional as well. 2/2015

R. Dale Leigh (President Clinton Impersonator)

Scott Mason is a tremendous talent, an enormously funny man in his very own right, as sharp as a tack, possessed of a quick and supple wit, and a delightful smile and charisma that makes him the laser focus of any stage he treads. He is absolutely hiliariously funny in this, his signature role – which is simply not to be missed.

There are indeed some Great Dames out there – but imho, Scott Mason really is unmatched as Dame Edna.

Book him at your earliest opportunity. You and your audience will laugh until you have to wipe away tears.DC Shorts Fest 2010 1

Gary Weber, Blue Dog Café, Snow Hill, MD

The shows were a sell out and great for all ages. Scott's timing is impeccable. Extremely talented, Extremely Funny, he is a pro and very accommodating. We can't wait work with Scott again. The Christmas Show is just as hilarious as his non Holiday shows. Do not miss him when he's performing near you.

Jason Phillips- Private Party- Wilkes Barre, PA

I was very impressed with the detail in Scott's repertoire for my birthday party function. He took the time to learn about the venue and really made the evening something special. The Dame's dress, makeup, and comedy were all first class! Thanks again, Scott for making our night.

Chris Alberts, Artistic Director, New Candlelight Theatre

Scott’s impression of the Dame is not only spot on, but the content of the show was brilliant. His ability to relate to current events and riff with the audience was spectacular and makes each show different from the last, which is great for multiple-show bookings! candlelight flyer 2012

Patrick Schweiss, Artistic Director, Sedona Film Festival

Scott was hilarious, wonderful to work with and we sold out all 4 shows! We'd love to have him back!     Sedona Film Festival - The Dame on the Rocks (click)

Tina Sheing, Event Promoter

dame stuff 001Scott Mason aka “The Dame” is one of the funniest people I have worked with! His performance at a blood bank benefit I created was truly the highlight of the show. Patrons always ask where he is performing next!. Scott is also a joy to perform with! Total professional but also knows how to make it fun and not “work”.

Debra Evans, Owner, Platinum Entertainment Group

Wonderful Show Saturday night. You made me proud. So happy you enjoyed being there and I'm sure we will get another date soon. I'm looking into more venues for you. You are such a pleasure to work with.

Fred Munzert, Director, Premier Centre for the Arts

What a great night. Thank you so much for all! 1/2015

Eileen from Delaware

You were superb! You just get better and better as the Dame. The costumes were a hoot and I sent a note to Dee Dee. I especially like your facial expressions and "takes". You are using pauses well. It was so neat to have the audience in the palm of your hand so that they talked back to you. Your ad lib's were super. I don't know when I've laughed so hard for so long. Thanks for a great day at the theatre.

  2 comments for “Testimonials

  1. Barbara Gottlieb
    March 6, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    I have Dame Edna for years and years! Simply the BEST!

  2. May 19, 2015 at 7:17 am

    Scott Mason’s gift of seeing the world from his own special perspective and finding the humor in almost anything is contagious! I am so grateful and HONORED to have him in my life, not only as a writer, producer, actor/comedian, but also as my friend. Performing with Scott, as the Dame and Whoopi, has taught me many things, but the main thing he has taught me is “to get out of my own way.” He has made me a better person and a more confident performer. May Scott and his family always be blessed. Your friend, Bettina

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